3 times this week. Had enough.


0007webmop head

I am seriously at a loss as to what to do with her hair. She won’t leave bows in and this inbetween stage is making me crazy. As tempted as I am to trim those bangs and get them out of her eyes, I think she’d look really cute with long bangs. Ideas?

If you are waiting on proofs from me for a recent session – don’t worry – I’m working hard on them! I am just posting less teasers until orders are placed. It recently came to my attention that a client stole an image off my blog and printed it. No order was placed for that particular image and it had a watermark on it. So, as much as I love sharing my favorites as I proof, I will now be sharing after orders are placed. Stealing images off this blog, even if they are of your own child, is wrong. And illegal. This is my job, it helps to support my family, and both are very important to me. Printing a web ready image depreciates the value of my work, it reduces the quality of the image and tarnishes my reputation when a low quality image is passed around with my name on it. Quality and reputation are something I value. Saving an image from this blog violates the copyright agreement I ask all my clients to sign. If you have the need for a web ready image, please ask me, I’m a reasonable person! So rest assured there are lots of images of lots of little cuties to share from this month, it’s been a busy time, I’m just waiting for the orders to be placed first. Thanks for understanding.