But I’d take both.

It’s been a long couple of days.  Taryn was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.  Very thankful for that.  The hard part….Wednesday, after being at the hospital all day, Jase brought the boys home for the night and Ty came down with a cough and fever.  The next morning, Jase brought him straight to our pedi and thankfully, they don’t think it’s the flu.  We informed Taryn’s caregivers in the hospital that Ty was sick and were told we could only bring her home if we sanitized every.single.thing, the children wore masks and we quarantined them into separate rooms.  Yeah, not fun.  We totally understand though because Taryn’s wound sites are larger than normal and even the slightest cough could induce bleeding and re-hospitalization.  So quarantined they are.  And unhappy.  And bored.  The first night home was uhm, interesting.  Jase and I were running back and forth between the two, I’ll get meds, you get Gatorade, this one needs a drink, that one needs a popsicle and Teagan was running a muck in the middle of it all.  I don’t think we sat down to eat dinner until after 8 pm which is highly unusual for us. We’ve since re-strategized and are in a zone defense.  One of us leaves with Teagan each day in the morning to get out of the house while the other tends to Ty and Taryn.  It’s working much better.

Overall, Taryn is doing well.  It’s been difficult trying to keep her calm.  She’s not eating or drinking as much as we would like, meds are a battle.  Ear drops are a full on war.  It takes both of us to hold her down and make it happen.  We’re hopeful that once the steroids they pumped into her (quite literally via an external pump hooked up to her IV) run their course, she’ll be a bit more easygoing.  She’s definitely in the “I’m so mad at you for doing this to me” angry phase.  Tough stuff.  We’re just dishing out the hugs and kisses in spite of the get away from me glares.

Her broken arm is also swelling.  Her fingers were discolored and the swelling was bad the day we were discharged and I had to fight for an ortho consult and ultimately ended up making it happen myself before leaving.  It’s doing ok now but we’re doing a lot of elevating since motrin post-surgery isn’t an option.

So…..thank you.  For the well wishes, advice, thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate them!!