This family has just a ton of love and I’m super excited I get to see them again (tonight actually!).  The baby chub, it makes you want to just reach out and pinch your screen doesn’t it?  I mean, really.  ::::pinch pinch::::


You might not be able to tell in these photos but these girls….are…ninjas.  Super sneaky, super fun, ninjas.  Yup.  Photographing them is *always* an adventure and they always bring so much energy to their sessions.  And something super unexpected.  At the end they busted out their super silly ninja disguises.  SO FUN.  Total crackups, I laughed the whole time!


Just a few favorites from a birth last October.  They may look a bit familiar, they are related to another repeat birth client and it was so fun to capture their birth too.  When mom initially contacted me, I wasn’t technically back from maternity leave for births after having Jonah.  But when she called and I found out who she was and that she was due on the same day I had Jonah just one year prior.  We just clicked on the phone and in that moment I came out of maternity leave for births.  I’m so so glad I did.  The cool thing is that it was big brother’s birthday.  While I’m sure it was hard to have a bunch of gifts waiting to be opened at home, he received the best birthday gift ever!  I love the shots of them meeting for the first time.


The sweet little baby in the perfectly round bump in my previous post!  Obviously still catching up on blogging from the fall since there is a Christmas tree in the background up there!  I will catch up, I’m determined!  Unfortunately, big brother had a raging ear infection for this session.  He crashed out on the chair in the living room just a few minutes in…poor guy was pretty miserable.  We met up again a few days later and he was all better with lots of smiles!


Have you ever seen such a cute, adorable, perfectly round baby belly?  Everything about this family is so adorable.  This session was shot in just under 30 minutes.  Seriously, they made my job so easy.  And fun!


It was so fun to see this family in their home….I first photographed them when little miss was just little thing….but now she’s a big kid toddler!  Their home is stunning and it was so fun to explore and capture them where they live and love.

After many months of work it’s finally done!  I’m so excited to release my new website at!  I’ve wanted (and needed) to get my website away from flash.  It’s outdated and not supported in so many ways, this was a necessary and overdue move.  I love that my portfolio website and blog are now all integrated together.  And I think one of my favorite features is that my instagram feed is on the main page.  I used to do a 365 photo of the day but having Jonah and chasing 3 other kids and homeschool and and….I couldn’t keep up.  My instagram is now my 365 and I love having it integrated.  I feel like I’m wrangled in all my random homes on the internet and gathered them together in one place.  This is a good fit for me and it feels like home.  I also bit the bullet and purchased a new logo.  Please take a look, I’d love to hear what you think!

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Lyndsay Stradtner of Life in Motion Photography is an on-location photographer serving the Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock and surrounding areas.  She specializes in fun, lifestyle, modern photography for families, children, birth, seniors, newborns and maternity.


My sweet little friend turned 4.  I first met her the day she was born and it’s been such an honor to capture her for the last 4 years.  She’s a fun, bright, little girl who always makes me smile.


This sweet little guy had absolutely no interest in sleep during his session.  I can’t say I blame him though, there were lots of great things to stay awake and check out.  His new family, a beautiful momma, loving daddy and fun big sister!  Why wouldn’t he want to stay awake and learn about the big world around him?  He was quite interested in his session and the camera too.  The shots where his eyes were closed, yeah, not sleeping, newborns just blink slow and if you catch them *just right*, you can get the illusion of sleep.  I didn’t mind a bit though, he was just the sweetest, snuggle bug.  Those newborn days go by in a haze and I’m so glad this family took the time out to capture this part of their journey.


Little Miss L is 9 months old here.  And so sweet.  We returned to the same spot we did their maternity photos.  9 months in and 9 months out.  Crazy right?!?!  And you guys, we just shot her 12 month session a few weeks ago.  Wait until you see a full year of smoooooshy cheek kisses next to each other.  So, so funny!


I should have worn my running shoes to this session!  These boys are b-b-b-b-busy!  As a mom of 3 boys, I love their energy.  It’s contagious and fun.  The energy and the love in these feels palpable to me.  I see it and feel it in their photos.  Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten to know them so well over the years and I just think the world of them.  And I’m a very lucky girl to be on the receiving end of their boys hand-me-down clothes via barter.  I love the way their boys dress and when people compliment how cute Jonah looks in his clothes it is all because of that pretty lady up there.  She has excellent taste and maybe, possibly, a shopping addiction?!  Ha!  Just kidding!  I’m thankful for it!


The sweet little tiny baby girl on the green chair is all grown up.  She and her family recently moved to a new house and I was so excited to see them in their new home and capture them there.  My favorites are her in the lace dress and cowgirl boots.  And her momma brushing her hair, sitting on the edge of the bed.  I’m about to get to see them a lot this year and I couldn’t be happier about that!