austin toddler and family photographer

Oh this girl.  She has so much personality.  She reminds me a bit of my Taryn.  It’s so much fun for me to photograph.  We hadn’t intended on making this a playground session but it just worked out that way and I’m so glad that it did.  She’s got opinions and is spunky and fun.  the curly pigtails, a minor meltdown or two, the little spark in her eye, love it all!  I think my faves were at the end though.  After the session had ended and she was a little free spirit running and free flying with the wind.  And those shoes shots at the end, I just love for some reason.  At our house, we call mulch in the sandles “shoe probs” lol.


The chub, the cheeks, the extra chin…y’all squishy babies are just the best!


Watching Taryn and Maggie.


I spy…..two of my most favorite people, through the Jasmine on the porch, enjoying a post-nap snuggle and laugh.


Robot week continues.  I came home from a session downtown tonight to spot Taryn and “Pega-Bot”.  My creative girl built a pegasus robot and then requested I video of her doing a how-to for youtube.


It’s robot week!  Teaching Jonah this year has been so much fun.  The big kids all have their core work and then join in on all the fun stuff with whatever the theme of the week is for Jonah.  This week, I hit Goodwill and bought $20 worth of old appliances.  The kids had a blast taking them apart.  We harvested parts and then built this first round of robots.  While the coffee pot was a bust (other than the pitcher which is the head on Taryn’s robot), the VCR was a gold mine for parts.  As was an old clock radio.  The nose on Jonah’s bot is from an old Nintendo game controller.  We probably have parts for 50 more.  I know what they will be doing all weekend!


This is so her.  I love her laugh.




Watching daddy paint the foyer.  Our home is in serious need of freshening up.  It looks so much better.  Now I can’t wait to do the kitchen, classroom and bathrooms!


This little guy stole my heart tonight.  His momma warned me about his big, dreamy, brown eyes and boy was she right.  He is so charming and happy….a photographer’s dream!


I waited until the end of the day to snap my 365 today.  After I put Jonah down for bed I grabbed my camera in hopes of finding one of the big kids still up.  I found T and Duder reading Harry Potter with Jase.  I got lucky that when I walked in the room, T was messing with her lantern and hanging it on the wall.