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This little guy is busy.  But not too busy to rock that super cute man sweater!


This sweet, snuggly, chubby bub is so loved.  He looks so very much like this older brother.  Plus a few pounds, the chub rolls were to die for!


This one, along with his older brother, kept me laughing tonight.  So much so, that I left the session with a belly ache from laughing too much.  And it wasn’t even from all the Chuck Norris jokes either, they were just so much fun!


I love that we were able to return to the same location where e photographed their maternity session just a few months prior.  Isn’t it amazing how in just a few months time this family went from 3 people to 4 with 2 really great, fun, happy little boys?!


There are so many sweet little details to this session that I love so much.  The way she lifted her skirt, so ladylike, the way she chased her ball, the crying face, oh my, the crying face, it just kills me.  The curls, the pouty face in the bubbles, the belly button check, she is just TOO MUCH.  The love, the personality, it is in the details.  I’m totally biased though, I have a soft spot for her.  She will be 2 soon and I can’t wait to see her again!!


If I gave out awards each fall, this little one would win for most fun 2 year old AND best laugh!  She laughs with her whole entire body, it’s seriously just THE BEST!  I want her to be Jonah’s BFF!

austin_newborn_photographersnewborn_family_photographers_central_austin For this child, they prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more.  Abby is a tough little fighter.  After arriving quite a few weeks early and a long NICU stay, she is home and thriving.  You’d have to know all she’s been through to really understand just how strong she is.  Little, yet fierce.  I loved seeing Belle settle in to being a big sister, she’s just amazing with Abby.  I have been lucky enough to have photographed them since Belle’s birth and we all knew we’d use the green chair for Abby’s newborn session, just like big sis!  I teared up while photographing the girls together on that chair, it felt so full circle.  Pam and Chris, you are both such strong, loving parents, your girls are so blessed!  I love you both and am honored to be your photographer and friend.


I was all set to photograph Ms. Abby’s birth, but she had other plans and arrived quite a few weeks early.  This little one, she’s tough.  A fighter.  You’ll be seeing her a lot during her first year.  Visiting them in the NICU just before they brought Abby home was an honor.  NICU parents are pretty tough too.  And I loved seeing Ms. Belle for the first time as a big sister.  She just adores Abby and the feeling is quite mutual…..wait until you see her newborn session!  Pam and Chris, I hope these photos remind you of a time that you had immeasurable strength.

ps – who knew the NICU at Seton Main has such an amazing view of the Austin skyline?


It was so good to see these three today…it’s been way too long.  It made my heart happy to have them in front of my camera again.  I first met Danielle, Lexi and Austin in 2009 when I photographed them in downtown Austin along with Alex as part of a charity session.  If you have been around here for awhile, you’ll remember Alex, his slideshow has made the rounds through the years.  Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer 4 years ago this coming January.  While we’ve kept in touch from time to time over email and facebook, I haven’t seen Danielle and the kids since Alex’s services.  My heart was overjoyed when she contacted me and said they’d be visiting Austin this fall.  I was excited to capture them again, even though I know it was hard to step in front of the lens again without Alex.  He was with us though.  In spirit, and in fashion!  They brought some of Alex’s favorite hats to wear during their session and it was so special.  Anyone who knew Alex knows how much he loved fashion, he was always stylin!  Danielle, you are doing such a wonderful job raising Lexi and Austin, they are such kind, respectful, beautiful and genuine people.  Alex must be so proud of the three of you.  Thanks for the laughs this morning, it was fun to catch up with you guys!


Daddy and daughter moments steal my heart every single time.


It was a cold, blustery, fall day here in Austin today.  Perfect weather for staying inside to snuggle on the couch with your favorite people.