This little guy was so sweet and calm for his photographic debut this morning – he rocked it!  And one more with his parents…’s safe to say they absolutely adore him!


Congrats again Nicole and Jesse, he’s just adorable!


Overheard these two discussing why farts are invisible today.  Oh the joys of potty training!

Ha!  Jase moved the potty chair out of our master bath for the day since I was at a birth all night and sleeping in our room.  Why it landed in the classroom instead of our other bathroom, I have no idea, but I’m so glad it didn’t.  Their conversation was hysterical and luckily I had my camera nearby.  Love these two and their relationship.


Taryn and Jude have been very busy planning and executing their own business.  Taryn has focused on selling lemonade, Jude has been focused on dried pineapple rings.  After all their planning they finally had their sale yesterday.  They made $17 selling their products in our driveway!  I was totally impressed!

ps – I got called away to photograph a birth yesterday and overnight.  When I got home today I captured these of Taryn to represent their day since I was not here.  I was totally bummed Jase forgot to take a picture of their table set up.


I photographed the birth of their first child back in 2010.  In 2012, several of their birth images were published in Baby Talk Magazine (you can see them here).  I was beyond thrilled when they contacted me to see if I was available to photograph this birth for them as well.  This little beauty was born via a beautiful VBAC.  This momma did such a wonderful job laboring and trusting her body.   Ms. Viola was a gender surprise, which is always so exciting!  My guess was boy, totally wrong!  This birth was filled with so many beautiful little moments and I was so happy it worked out for me to be there with them again.  Congrats again on the birth of your beautiful daughter!


We had us a Monday.


We celebrated this guy today.  I’m so thankful for the amazing father that he is to our children.  The really funny thing is that before Ty left he bought Jase a card for Father’s Day.  I never saw it as it was all sealed up when he handed it to me.  When Jase opened his cards today, he had identical cards from Ty and me and 3 littles.  So funny.  It was obviously the perfect card for our guy lol!  Ty was also able to call Jason today from camp, which was really nice.  He’s doing awesome, but we miss him a ton!

Maggie and her “window art”. She misses Ty. So she wrote him a letter while he’s at camp. See below.



We found ourselves knee deep in potty training this week. This little stinker likes to use potty time as an excuse to strip down and run off with his nakey hiney. He thinks it’s hilarious when we try to chase him down and return him to the potty. Hi-lar-i-ous.

georgetown texas newborn photographer

This sweet baby girl now holds the record for most newborn smiles during a session.  She threw so many of them my way! So sweet, I can’t wait to dive in to editing this gallery.  And I can’t really say I blame her, I’d smile all the time if I was this loved too.


We’ve been working on selflessness this week.  Tonight this dude was super happy because his sister passed down her prized roller skates to him.  She has roller blades, but these were her first real, beloved, roller skates.  His face lit up so big when she said she was giving them to him.  He just had to sneak in a quick run outside before that bad weather in the background moved over us.


God’s covenant, Genesis 9:17.  And an evening reprieve from Tropical Storm Bill.


Rain watchers.