Oh Owen, you steal my heart with our sweet chub and big blue eyes. Have I mentioned lately that 6 month old babies are my absolute fave?!

Ms. Emily brought her A game today. Including a new tooth, speed crawling and even a few little steps! 9 months old already….slow down little one! It was foggy and cold but it didn’t seem to bother her one little bit!


Ruby had to have her very own photo shoot this evening. Taryn and my mom are signed up to go do Painting With A Twist where you paint your pet. And Rubes needed a new headshot. Afterwards, T snuck in a few snuggles. This girl loves animals.


I absolutely treasured the photos from my 2015 365 project. But a bad foot injury killed my 365 Project in 2016 and having missed out on so many little, every day, moments hurts my heart. So…new year…new 365! I’ll admit I set this shot up because I want to end the year with a similar shot, but with out new baby boy (who will be 10 months old(ish) tucked in next to Jonah!

This little guy just stole my heart this morning.  The top photo was literally the very first photo I took at this session, little rock star! He wasn’t a huge fan of the whole sleeping thing.  It’s ok because he’s so very cute.  Add in red hair, big blue eyes and a couple of dimples, I couldn’t resist him!  I’m so excited to get to capture his first year of life!!  Congrats Jessica and Trey, I’m so thrilled for you guys!


Hey you!!  A good reminder!!


I have absolutely loved capturing this family through two baby plans.  And man am I going to miss seeing these beautiful girls so often, they are just the sweetest family!  Happy Birthday baby girl!!


The thing about Austin, is that you can arrive where you plan to be and there will be some random concert or event going on.  Sometimes we just have to roll with changes last minute, because in this fabulous city, there is *always* something going on!  In Slidell and New Orleans, I could keep up with it all and plan ahead.  Austin, not so much!  But this family totally rolled with the last minute change and I really love how this gallery came together.  It’s so much about the love and that photographs well just about anywhere!  I had such a great time with them and I’ll go ahead and admit I have hair envy for one handsome little guy!  And that pouty photo up there with his momma, one of my all time faves.  So excited to see these 4 again in just a few weeks for their fall session.


I love it when families include grandparents in sessions but a whole session focused on loving both grandmas, yes please!!  I just love this session so much!!


The light this evening was glorious, but it paled in comparison to how much love these four have for each other.  Little Owen is so lucky to join this family.  I’ll come share his newborn session soon.


I had a colorful morning on SoCo with my favorite Ms. Joan! She was rocking her poses this morning, so much fun!

Those big, bright, blue eyes, really are that amazing color. And I love how she’s loving on her sweet momma….