I took a road trip down to San Antonio today to photograph this sweet little bundle. At first, I didn’t think he looked all that much like his big sister, but the second I looked through my lens, I changed my mind. I can’t wait to watch him grow this year, I love my little baby planners!


One of my most favorite families ever.  And it totally doesn’t make me feel old that I photographed them for the first time while Corey was still in his Mom’s belly.  Ok, it does.  It totally does.  Emily and Donny are raising wonderful, kind, thoughtful children and it’s been a joy to watch them grow!


When we first started planning this session we thought he’d be deploying soon.  But when the session came around, there was a very good chance he’d get to stay stateside.  I was so happy for them because it must be so hard to say goodbye.  Such an immense sacrifice for each and every one of them.  Thank you for your service  and sacrifices Hildebrandt family!


Oh my goodness, this girl has grown in to such a lovely young lady with such a bright future.  Kaylee not only lives right across the street from us, she’s also one of Ty’s good friends!  We are so excited for her, she’s going to college in Louisiana, yet another reason to love her!  I hope you are having a great Senior year!


Baby planner graduate.  This makes me a little weepy.  Capturing memories for this family since before Alli was born.  To say I am going to really miss seeing them every few months is an understatement.  I can’t believe he’s 1 already!  He wasn’t all that in to the cake until Alli was.  I love the interactions between the two of them and the way he’s looking at her eating the cake.  Hilarious!  Definitely the sweetest little cowboy and cowgirl in Texas!


More Grandparents, love it!!  And it was fun getting to photograph a sweet little newborn at one of my most favorite outdoor locations.  You’ll be seeing a lot of this super sweet family in 2016!  I can’t wait to watch him grow!!

austin_family_photographersI absolutely love adding grandparents in to sessions.   There is just such a special bond that is wonderful to capture.  We got lucky with a loving Aunt and Uncle in this session too!  And I’ll admit, I’m never ever, ever, sad when little ones fall asleep at the end of a session.  Sigh….isn’t he dreamy?!


We muscled through bitter winds and cold during my session tonight.  Joan was such a little trooper though and did so great.  It was kind of dreary and overcast.  On a whim we walked down to the water at the end of her session.  The sun peeked out right before it set and it was so gorgeous.  A beautiful reward.


If you have been around here awhile you will recognize Danielle, Lexi and Austin.  I first photographed them when I signed up to do a charity session when Alex was sick and fighting cancer.  There are so many things I could say about that time, that session, it connected me to them in such a huge way.  We kept in touch and and when Alex passed, they asked me to photograph the funeral.  That day was hard, but also filled with so much love for a really great man.  Last year, Danielle and the kids were ready to get in front of the camera again.  Parenting teenagers and marinating in life at the time.  Not long after that, the Lord answered prayers, Donathan.  I was honored that they asked me to do their engagement photos.  I feel like over the years I’ve been invited to photograph this journey of hope and a battle, of loss and grief, a renewal and now a beautiful new beginning.  It made me so happy to see these two so incredibly happy together.  They compliment each other so well and there is a lot of love between them.  They both just light up when around one another.  The location was so meaningful too, the family farm, and it was perfect!  It was also the site of their wedding in November, such a gorgeous location.  Danielle and Donathan, congratulations, I’m so very thrilled for your both!


I was so excited when Jennifer asked me if I’d capture Joan and Jane’s first day of school.  They even took me to their “picture rock” where they take photos every year.  These sweet girls, they steal my heart all the time and it’s such an honor to capture them as they grow.


Heather and her family mean the world to me.  She was there when Jonah was born and I got to photography this little beauties birth last year.  Her first year just flew by and when she turned one I was so happy to get her and her loving sisters in front of my camera to celebrate.  And can’t you just hear the little girl giggles through the screen?!


One of the biggest blessings of the trip to my mom’s house this past summer was getting to see this family.  Carrie was my very best friend in junior high.  Oh man, we, were, uh, usually up to no good!  Look at us now though, two homeschooling crunchy mommas who love God deeply.  So fun to catch up and meet her guys.  Our kids clicked right away and had a blast together.  It was a quick visit but I’m so thankful we got to see them again – they made the trip through Austin and stopped for the night just before Christmas.  The kids picked up right where they left off.  In fact, I heard that there was sharpening of ninja and burping skills on their way here lol!

Carrie, I love you and your sweet family and we can’t wait to see you guys again!!