campfire schemes

2023-08-09T22:07:27-05:00August 9th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jonah, Jude, My Family, RV Life, Taryn, Zachary|

Yesterday I got a text from my friend Amanda asking about the campfire we had planned.  What campfire?!  Ha!  She has 4 boys and had a hunch the plan Jonah made wasn’t on the up and up lol!  Campfire schemes, because, Jonah! In the end, we decided it was a great idea and went for it anyway tonight.  Luckily, I had a bag of marshmallows tucked away left over from 4th of July!  After a spring and summer of traveling similar routes since we both have cubers that went to nationals, we are all heading separate ways this weekend.  I’m not sure what our kids are going to do without each other […]

evening routine

2023-08-04T08:52:16-05:00August 4th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jude, My Family, RV Life, Taryn|

These are the good old days.  I know I’m gonna miss this evening routine some day.  Their evening routine is pretty consistent.  After dinner they do their chores.  Taryn washes the dishes, Jude puts them away, clears the counters and picks up the floors.  Then they fix a snack (sometimes frozen fruit, sometimes Jude makes a sourdough pizza), snuggle in with one or two of the dogs to watch an episode of TV once the little boys are in bed.  Its fun binging some iconic shows and movies with them.  They laugh in all the right places and memes they’ve seen online are now in context.  So far we’ve done a handful […]

Day 2 WCA Cubing Nationals 2023

2023-07-28T21:50:29-05:00July 28th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jude, Lyndsay, My Family, RV Life|

Day 2 WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 looked like this for me.  I way overdid it yesterday while still deep in recovery from my injury.  I am so frustrated with my body, slow healing, lost stamina, constant pain.  I want to be there every second and my body just won’t let me.  My goal is to be there every other day for a balance of rest and recovery.  So today I texted, watched videos, played the livestream and refreshed stats about 8000 times.  Jude had an incredible day!  He set a new PR (personal record) for clock average and made it in to the finals where he came in 14th!!!  It was […]

WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

2023-07-28T10:30:58-05:00July 28th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jonah, Jude, My Family|

We are all so excited it’s finally here:  WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!  We have been waiting a year for this day and our travel decisions/route over the last 7 months have been dictated by us getting the boys to this national competition.  A very full 4 days, 1200 competitors, seeing friends they’ve made from competitions all over the country, 11 events combined for the boys, LET’S GO!

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