our favorite little beach

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Our last day on the Cape and we hit our favorite little beach. We first fell in love with Cape Cod in 2019 and we just keep coming back. We’ve spent a total of 3 months here since 2019! It’s the wood shingle houses, the hydrangeas, a slower pace, the beaches and views. Nostalgia of a simpler time lives here. If you’ve never been to Cape Cod, add it to your bucket list!

Project 365: 42/365

window view

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Window view. Taryn was helping another fulltime family by walking their dogs so they could have a couple long adventure days in Boston. Jonah walked with her on one of her trips over to walk the dogs and spotted two friends he’d made this spring in Hershey. Since then they’ve all been playing outside all day, every day, building forts, playing games. Our site is totally trashed and they are constantly dirty but they are so happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Project 365: 35/365

the good and the beautiful

2023-09-24T15:29:27-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Homeschool, My Family, Roadschool, RV Life, Zachary|

Day 1 of a new curriculum usually feels overwhelming but @thegoodandthebeautiful totally wasn’t! 🙌🏻 Both Zachary and I love it so far and I’m thinking about switching Jonah over as well. We are also working on moving away from Acellus for the older kids, they’ve taken a hard left turn in the last few months and we are searching for an online curriculum more in line with our faith and values. Homeschool for us means constant adjustments, catering to each of their individual needs, learning style and […]

Zachary’s first day of first grade

2023-09-24T15:24:47-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Homeschool, My Family, Roadschool, Zachary|

Today is Zachary’s first day of first grade! We made a big change and switched up our curriculum this year for him. He’s jumping in to The Good and The Beautiful. I’ve been looking for something more faith based and heard about this one from @ourlifewebuild And, we just so happen to be in the best place to start studying wind and waves, Cape Cod! The visitor center had an entire lesson on it! He’s super excited, ready to get started and keeps fussing at me to […]

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