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There are moments in motherhood when something happens for the last time and you know it’s the last time.  There are also moments when something happens for the last time and it just slips away, with no announcement or realization.  Like the last time your little one holds your hand when you cross the street, or calls you mommy instead of mom.  It just changes with no warning and you don’t know it’s the last in that moment.  Big kid things just slip in, quiet, unannounced, subtle little changes.  Sometimes, I am not sure which scenario is the most brutal in motherhood.  Probably because they both are?  Tonight, as we put Z to bed I was thankful to know about the change coming.  We’ve always co-slept with all of our babies and we’re finally moving the very last kid out of our bed.  It’s been an off and on journey for 24 years total!  Co-sleeping has been such an incredible gift for our family and I’m so thankful for the bonding, extra sleep in the newborn days and all the snuggles.  It’s not always easy, nor have we loved every second (feet in your face, ribs, back, anyone?), but we are sad to end this era of parenting forever.  It’s time, he is ready, we are ready.  We were hoping to make the transition when we move in to a new RV, but shopping is taking longer than planned, so we are diving in now.  He’s so excited about his new bed in the boys bunk room!  I know weaning is just around the corner too.  One more big step toward having only big kids and putting the baby days completely behind us…

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Best Shelling in the Outer Banks, Portsmouth Island Adventures

We have been in the Outer Banks for a solid week and have been shelling quite a bit.  While we have had some luck, we were hoping for more.  While in Ocracoke last weekend we spotted a sign for Portsmouth Island Adventures and I called to set up a shelling tour.  Basically, they take you out to Portsmouth on a boat and drop you off for a few hours, then they come back to get you.  It very much feels like a deserted island!  The ride out was pretty chilly but it was a gorgeous day!  We brought chairs, a small cooler, my camera bag, a backpack and some big shelling bags with a few scoopers.  We bought scoopers from Amazon but you can also get them from Petsmart.  It’s basically a litter scooper with a long handle on it.  It totally saved my sore back today from having to bend over constantly (I really need a chiropractic adjustment right now) so it was worth every penny!  This was our favorite shelling bag out of those we brought along.  Captain Wade was really great and we highly recommend them!  I am convinced this is the best shelling in the Outer Banks!  As you can see below, we had big success and we made some precious memories!  Also, my kids were totally fascinated that this island was once Blackbeard’s hideout.  He actually died in Ocracoke and his last ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge sank off shore.  They were convinced if they dug in the sand they’d find buried treasure.  We learned a lot about Blackbeard today!

We found so many shells – my mom is a coastal artist and will ship a box of shells to her home in Alabama to use in her art.

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best shelling in outer banks north carolina

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