1. First up, I miss my daily blogging. It’s my therapy. Must find a way to get back to it. Busy season, is indeed, busy! But busy is good, except for my blog.

2. After I finished up at my last shoot on Sunday, I loaded into my car and got on the road. I always call home to see what the family is up to, and chat with whoever feels like chatting. When T said she wanted to talk I asked her what she was doing “Not much, just eatin’ a ham samich with the pickles out” LOL! I suppose that is opposed to having the pickles in. Yeah, that Little T likes her pickles on the side.

3. I love the way T says “samich” and “puddin”. She sounds southern when she says it.

4. My husband attempted to infiltrate the blog with all kinds of election stuff. I told him to go get his own blog…which I’ve been trying to convince him to do for at least a year! Anyway, I saved y’all. It’s Tuesday, which hopefully means he’ll stop yelling at the tv. Sometimes I just want to look at him and say “you know they can’t hear you right honey?” but I know it would do no good. Between the election and Saturday’s UT game….well, our TV has had some abuse. Just thinking about the game makes my stomach hurt though, so I don’t blame him.

5. Someone asked in the comments what my kiddos were for Halloween. Teagan was a cute, 3 eyed blue monster. Little T was a dog, or as she says, “dawg”, always followed by a “bark bark”, the words, not the sound. Ty created his own scary costume, black cape, mask, sword backpack. We went and hung out with Mike, Alli and Lily before trick-or-treating. Alli is so on the ball, she decorated a wagon for the girls that was quickly dubbed “The Halloween Express”….Little T loved it! Watching Taryn and Lily trick-or-treat together was a blast, they had a lot of fun. T had no fear this year, she marched right up to the doors and everything, I was impressed. Teagan was just happy to go along, being held by either Jase or I and Ty ditched us to go with one of his buddies.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the 3….Mr. I’m Just Happy To Be Here, Little Miss Barky The Dog and Mr. Are We Done Yet Cause Ms. Alli Is Serving Hot Dogs….

6. All the photos for our new photo wall get here today! Can’t wait, we have so many blank walls in our house, it’s pathetic! We did a small wall in our entry way with the pics Michele did for us. Jase already hung up the frames and everything, now I’m just stalking UPS. I’ll post a photo of it once it’s all put together!

A secret, I bought a mounted 16×20 of the shot of Ty with his camera for his room, I can’t wait to surprise him with it, he’s gonna love it!

7. Exciting news, Ty got the lead in the school play. He’s Ben Franklin. I’m impressed. He already knows all his lines and I can tell you it cracked us up that he got the part of Ben Franklin, who, in the play, has a reputation for talking a lot! LOL! Next week is the big performance, can’t wait.

8. We spent Sunday afternoon rearranging part of our house. Jase has been working from home 2 days a week for awhile, and with all the work I’ve been putting in to our photography business, we decided we both needed a work space with a door. Our office space was centrally located in our house, which I loved, but it didn’t let me be as productive as I could be if I just shut myself away. Jase could work anywhere, but I need my stuff (external drives, files, client info, packaging supplies, etc.) So we decided to move the desk into our bedroom. I have such mixed emotions about it. I loved having it out in the hub of the house, I’m not wild about having it in our bedroom, but, I have been much more productive, and it gives Jase a great place to work on the days he’s home. It also helps that I try and make those the days I run errands with the kids, like today, we went and “played” at IKEA. I swear, Taryn loves that place, especially if I let her walk through instead of using a cart or stroller, it wore her out too! Anyway, our old office area is now the kids playroom. We put a rug down, moved all the toys that were spread out through the house in there (love having them contained – I feel like I have my house back from toy overload!). We’ll see how it goes….we may put it back….but for now, the uninterrupted work time during busy season has been valuable!

9. Confession: I secretly wish I’d told all my clients that Christmas cards came 24 to a pack instead of 25 so I could keep one of each. They are all printing so beautifully!

10. If there is one thing I am thankful for that this blog brought in to our lives, it’s our wonderful friends Alli, Mike and Lily. Oh, sweet, silly, Lily. Isn’t she fabulous? She and Little T are so much fun together. She turns 2 in just a few days….

I could probably do 20 on Tuesday, I’ve got so much to share…but I better get back to work!