It’s January and that means catching up here on the blog.  I love going back to sort through the images captured during the fall.  This session was hands down one of my favorites because we had so much fun.  I think this family is the perfect example of what happens when you relax and show up ready to have some fun during our time together.  I always suggest it to clients and I KNOW it is SO hard to actually do.  Everyone puts so much work in to the session, you’re spending money on it, you want the kids happy and rested and it’s a bit nerve wracking.  But if you really, REALLY, just let go, relax, have fun and trust me, it can pay off!  Here’s a visual 😉

I was greeted by Katie (er, uhm, I forgot she prefers to go by Katharine now….) running full speed with a big hug and a declaration that we are best friends.  Now THAT is how you start a session.  I can’t look at these images and not smile.  I can feel their energy.  I love that.