How’s that for an eye catching blog title?

With homeschooling we were able to rearrange Taryn’s therapies to times that are easier, less traffic, better for her stamina and mood.  She goes to OT once per week and we started her in Equine therapy about 3 weeks ago.  She absolutely LOVES it.  She’s such a natural, each person who has worked with her so far has asked how long she’s been riding and are genuinely shocked to hear she’s so new at it.  She looks so poised and graceful.  And comfortable!  She directs the horse and just has the amazing connection to horses, it’s beautiful to watch.  And it is so good for her.  We are already seeing big gains in her core strength.  She looks forward to it all week.  She was being a grouch on Tuesday because that is her normal day to go and we moved it to Thursday.  Today couldn’t get here fast enough.  It works out now that right after we pick up Teagan from Pre-K we head out for Taryn’s “horse therapy” as she calls it.  When we picked up Teagan today he was sporting a horrible cough.  Ugh.  I think he couched for 15 minutes straight in the car.  So once Taryn was all checked in and off to the barn, Duder and I found a sunny spot to sit and soak up some sun.  Within a few minutes, no more coughing.  I love free Vitamin D!

Wondering about the goat at this point right?

Well, as I was focused on taking the middle photo of T on the horse, a particularly pesky goat decided it would be fun to eat my purse that was sitting on a picnic table.  When I turned around, I had to run about 50 feet to go wrestle the goat.  Ugh!  I totally won.  Once I got my purse back, the goat just stood there and looked at me, right in the eye, peed right there and walked off!  Can you even believe that?  Rude.

We had about 20 minutes left to Taryn’s session so Duder and I returned to soaking up some sun.  He climbed up on the picnic table, and just like a lazy cat sunbathing, feel asleep in the warm light.  He was totally wiped out from a busy day at school and not feeling 100%.  When T’s session was over with, I needed to pay them, but I had to call out and ask them to bring me a pen so I could write a check.  I was afraid to leave Duder alone on the table because the goat was nearby and I didn’t want him to get chewed on, just like my purse.

I’m off to add goat wrestling to my resume.