Our house has been nuts. Ty has been punished, first, he got written up a school for being mean in class, then he brought home a report card filled with C’s. Coming from my all A’s with a B here and there child, we’re not happy about it at all. This year has been tough. I’m ready for summer. I need a break from homework and the drama. Ty’s been bouncing off the wall being punished, but he did get to go to datenight with my mom today, hopefully it did him some good. He gets out of school for a week starting Friday for spring break. I can’t wait to spend some good quality time with him. I’ve got some great ideas for photo excursions while he’s out, I can’t wait!!!

As for little T, I don’t know if it’s the effects of the time changing or what, but the little one has just been ON. Like wake up, turn it on at that very moment and let it ride alllllll day long, ON.

Let’s see, what’s she been up to?

By the time I got out of bed this morning she was already in wild mode with daddy, wearing her favorite tutu and all. Jase left the house and wished me luck. Uh, thanks hun.

Vocabulary, amazing vocabulary.

She’s using new words for the first time in complete sentences. It shocks me daily. A couple of days ago, she got a bobo, came running over to me and told me “mamma, it major” LOL!?!? For the record, it wasn’t “major”, not even a mark, just drama.

Bubbles, she loves bubbles. Pure and total joy, you’d think she won the lottery.

Ty’s turtle, she loves feeding that thing and bangs on Ty’s door throughout the day. She’ll come and get me, drag me by the hand and beg to see the “tuttle”. No doesn’t work for an answer either.

She woke up last night around 12:30 am, and Jase and I were just getting ready for bed, when we hear her talking to herself. Funny girl was in her bed talking about ice cream for a minute and then put herself right back to sleep. Silly girl.

Barney. I swore my kids wouldn’t watch Barney or wear silk screen t-shirts. I stuck to the t-shirts for a long time, but I’ve lost the barney battle. It’s sad, I didn’t just lose, I got my butt kicked.

Today, I was playing the “who do you love” game with Taryn in the car. Normally it goes like this:

Me: Taryn, who do you love? Mommy?
Taryn: I love Mommy!
Me: Taryn, who do you love? Daddy?
Taryn: I love Daddy!
Me: Taryn, do you love Ty?
Taryn: Love Ty!!!!!

But not today:

Me: Taryn, who do you love? Mommy?
Taryn: NO
Me: Daddy?
Taryn: NO
Me: Taryn, do you love Ty?
Taryn: NO
Me: Who do you love then baby?

She’s starting to sing the “i love you song too”. Hmmmmmm….damn dinosaur.

Here she is, looking all sweet and innocent, y’all probably think I make this stuff up – I know Amy does! Taryn was good and quiet while she was here – I’m telling you – it’s an act!!! LOL Don’t let those big blue eyes and pouty lower lip fool ya!


Gotta get Ty in front of the camera soon, it’s been too long. Spring break, definately spring break!