But Miss Belle isn’t a baby anymore….she’s 1!  Another sweet girl that I had the honor of photographing coming in to this world.  Honestly, I was nervous that day, because while I always try to meet my birth clients before they go in to labor, Miss Belle made an early arrival and walking in to the labor and delivery room it was the first time I’d met Pam.  But what I didn’t know is that I was meeting someone with a huge, open heart who is so kind, thoughtful, energetic and has a way of making those traits contagious to all those around her.  Over the past year, I’m so thankful that I know her and that we have become friends.  It was awesome for Jason and I to take our kids to Belle’s birthday party, we had a blast!  Pam and Chris have settled into parenthood with such grace and love for their daughter and I know I sound like a broken record but I’m sad her first year is complete.  I will see them again very soon for a mommy and me session and again in the fall, I’m thrilled about that!  And I’m kicking myself for not taking photos of their order before delivering it.  The very first photo was their canvas and it was so gorgeous in person.  Then they did a 20×20 storyboard of all the barn photos and I wanted to hang it on MY wall and keep it!  Happy Birthday sweet girl.