RV Bedroom Remodel

Our bedroom in our Open Range 371MBH is looking so much better! Jason has been busy! While being quarantined isn’t easy, we are also trying to make the most of the time we have to sit still for awhile. We planned to be at my moms house (parked and plugged in in her driveway) for 2 weeks. It’ll likely be 2 months or longer. We are taking this time to do some long overdo projects on our RV and we are having some work done on our truck. We have lived in our RV for 2.5 years and we are so ready to personalize it so it feels more like home. That’s hard to do when you move every couple of days. Plus the projects are helping to fill the days. We can sleep at my moms when the paint fumes are bad too! We removed cabinets, stripped the valances, painted, put up wallpaper and took out the tv/stand. And yes, we have a stuffed animal on our bed, Zachary co-sleeps with us and “dog dog” is a member of the family. I love little boys and lovies! 🥰 A few before shots:

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RV Shoe Storage

The first of many little RV renovations we plan on making – RV shoe storage!  The shoe situation drives me crazy, but with 12 feet on 6 people, overflow is to be expected.  We have a cabinet by the front door but every time we would open it up to throw shoes in, the tower of shoes would tumble out.  Jason added some lightweight shelves and now everyone has their own shelf.  The bottom area is open and we usually toss flip flops in there.  We keep our rain and snow boots in a bin in the undercarriage storage.  Dress shoes are kept in our closets.  We use our hiking shoes the most so they are stored in this cabinet.  So far it has worked great and I do not miss the pile by the front door!

To see more of our storage solutions, check out our RV tour video!

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