Our tiny RV kitchen reno is finally done! We had to make some big changes for this little space to work for us. The thing about tiny living is that every inch and function matters. And when something isn’t working well, it impacts your life in a big way. We hated our RV oven and really wanted to remove it and replace it with a toaster oven / air fryer. That meant we could get rid of our bulky countertop air fryer which was a plus. If you look close you can see bacon in the air fryer. If you aren’t fixing bacon this way, you’re missing out big time! Removing the oven also gave us enough space to add a bigger pullout drawer to house our Nuwave hot plate, a large skillet and our 8 qt big Instant Pot. The instant pot was being stored in our outdoor kitchen and with heavy use it was a total pain taking it in and out all the time. We also removed the microwave and Jason built the cabinets that now house all our supplements, coffee, tea, etc. we don’t miss the microwave at all, but it took about a week to adjust to heating things up in other ways. The sliding vertical cabinet holds all of our seasonings and spices. Overall I love how much brighter this space is – and it’s also SO much more functional for us!!