So I’m a little late in posting this, but better late than never right?  I’ve done this for a few years (2006, 2007 Personal & 2007 Professional).  I decided to do a collage of biz photos this year, you can see it here.

As for personal faves, it was so, so hard to narrow it down this year, my kids were in front of the camera a lot with the arrival of our littlest dude.

So that is 10.  But I thought I would add a few of my other fave family images from this year….I obviously didn’t take them since I’m in them, my dear friend Michele rocked our family session in September…here are just a few of my faves.  I feel the need to add them because Jase and I are non-existent in the faves above and there aren’t many of Ty either…..

Me and my guy….I’ve been holding on to him a little tighter the last few days.  Thankful for him, his devotion, his laughter, his love….

Here’s to 2009.