Did you know that I now offer a Belly and Baby package?  Sure do!  Many times a mini session is perfect for maternity photos.  It’s just enough to capture and document your pregnancy, especially when you are about to have a baby and know you’ll want to blow those images up and plaster them all over your walls!  I’ve been doing a lot of mini maternity sessions here lately and I love them!  Their little guy has already arrived and I’ll be doing his newborn session this weekend, I can’t wait to meet him!

These two are so adorable together.  Dominic has THE coolest British accent.  Seriously, I could listen to him talk all.day.long.  British accents are cool.  Especially in Texas where everyone says “y’all” and “howdy”.

Its so funny to me to have clients that know my husband.  He’s kind of a quiet guy (until you get to know him, he’s a closet comedian really) and I’m guessing he doesn’t talk much about what I do for a living since I rarely get people that know him (we need to work on that dude!). But, Christy and Jason used to work together and she was instrumental in getting my family to Austin.  So thankful for that, we LOVE it here.

Baby boy on the blog this weekend!!