Slideshow:  The Birth of Noah

His birth was quiet and quick (59 minutes after I arrived quick!).  It was filled with love and joy and tears and a ton of beautiful little moments.  He’s blessed with a calm, loving mother and a father who is just head over heals in love with his life and his family and two big brothers that will make growing up so much fun.  Noah, as well as both of his brothers were all born at home, in the same room.  That is totally amazing, but now they can never move!  HA!  Congrats to the entire family and thank you for letting me share Noah’s birth story!!

Also, this birth was attended by Midwife Julia Bower.  It’s the first time I’ve met her and she did a wonderful job, very calming.  If you’re looking for a Midwife in Austin, check her out.


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