Birth photography is my passion.  I love all kinds of births, medicated, unmedicated, the ones in the hospital, the ones at home.  Each one is the beginning of a story.  Each one is different and unique and special.  And I get to be there.  But here is what I love the most about home births….


It’s like being in on a secret.  While the rest of the world goes on about it’s business, there is something amazing and wonderful and REAL going on behind that door.  There is a MOMENT of LIFE.  The world is changing right then and there.  And no one knows.  In a hospital, these things are expected.  But at home, the rest of the world, the neighbors, everyone, assumes there is an everyday evening routine going on, eating dinner, someone reading a book or watching TV.  They just go on but there is a MIRACLE happening right on the other side of that door.  I love that I get to be in on that secret.  It always takes my breath away.


Noah was born shortly after 10 pm last night, in the same room as both of his big brothers.  The image on the left was taken in the water, he loved being in the tub.  I can’t wait to get to know him over the next year.  Congrats to you all Butler Family!!

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