Sorry things have been a little quiet around here.  I wish I could say it was because we’re so busy soaking up the holiday spirit there is no time to blog.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a rough few days around here.  Late last week I brought Teagan in to his ENT for an ear followup and everything looked good, awesome news!  We also chatted about the possibility that he may have obstructive sleep apnea.  Taryn had it from about 18 months on and we never knew until she was 4…yeah, long time.  This go around we knew the signs and what to look for and we’ve just seen way too much of it in Teagan.  Our ENT agreed and sent us to get x-rays THAT DAY.  The results came back that he does indeed need to have his adenoids removed, they are severely enlarged.  And even though we had a hunch and in the back of our minds we “knew”….we hoped we were crazy.  They told us he needs surgery asap, as in, the day before Christmas Eve.  UGH.  I just wanted to crawl in bed and scream no over and over again.  3 surgeries and a broken arm between 2 of our 3 kids, in one year, in that moment, was more than my little mommy heart could handle.  Or so I thought.  Jason and I decided to sleep on the surgery schedule decision and call them back the next day.  That night, Teagan had yet another breathing episode.  He’s had many (no time to link them all but I have blogged about a few).  When we heard him gasping in his sleep I ran from one side of the house and Jase ran from the other, we met at his bedroom door with knowing “%$FF#” looks on our faces.  I sat him up, Jase turned on a steamy shower and we called our pedi immediately.  Again.  He’s had breathing issues since right after he was born….we almost lost him that day and it scares us to no end.  This attack was bad enough that he’s now been officially diagnosed with asthma.  Hard to hear but I’m trying to remember that it’s just a label and it doesn’t change how he’s feeling or doing.  What it does do is give us POWER.  To help him.  To have meds here at home instead of rushing him to the ER every time.  We can put him on the nebulizer here and get him opened up immediately.  Power to help him.  Power to feel secure that we’re not 15 minutes away from help.  Power in knowing that each time he has one of these episodes, it is damaging his lungs, and we can cut that short.  Power.  I’ll take it.  The condition of his airways sealed the deal on the surgery.  There is no way he can be intubated at this point.  Our pedi made that decision for us, without question.  He will still need the surgery, but he recommends waiting until flu season is over to put him back in the hospital because if Teagan were to catch the flu, it could be bad, really bad.  So now we wait.  And do preventative breathing treatments at home no less than twice a day.  The good news is that the meds for the asthma will likely help reduce the size of his adenoids.  I’m thankful for that because the two conditions combined can be bad as they both involve airflow to his lungs.  He hated the first treatment.  He yelled and cried “OWIE” even though nothing was touching him (I was holding the mask up to his face as he refused to have the strap on it AT ALL).  I assure you it did not hurt, he does the same thing when he gets paint on his hands 😉  His second treatment went much better, Ty fast forwarded Elmo’s World and blared it over the sound of the nebulizer.  He did awesome sitting there like a big boy.  Thank God for Ty and Elmo!

And a bright point at the end of my day yesterday….I got called in to photograph a birth last night.  It had been a rough two days but I got to step back, do what I love, do what takes my breath away and be present for a miracle.  It is the only thing that could have made my day better.  It was amazing and wonderful and peaceful and just so many things.  And I am thankful for being reminded once again of the miracles that surround me in so many ways.  I’ll be back soon with the sneak peek….

ps- I am extremely behind on emails.  I hope to tackle them later tonight, thanks for your patience!