Ty and I loaded up Teagan and headed in to Austin this morning for his birthday session with Kerri Mathis.  I’ve been battling a cold for the better part of the week and finally feel a bit better when I got up today, so happy about that.  It’s a good thing too because it was cold this morning (well, cold for Texas standards – northerners stop rolling your eyes!).  Teagan did so great with Kerri and I am excited to see what she got.  I tried to step back and let them do their thing (that’s so hard to do!).  Kerri’s little guy was there too and I distracted myself with hanging out with him and Ty.  Is he cute or what?!

He and Ty got along so great.  In fact, on the way home in the car Ty said “Maaahmmm!  Can you believe he’s 4!?  He’s Taryn’s age but he actually listens when you talk to him?!”  Ha!  Kerri asked me to take a few shots of her and her little man together as she doesn’t have any.  That made me so sad, every momma needs photos with her baby (even if that baby isn’t a baby anymore!).   I was more than happy to oblige!!  I love the way a 4 year old just fits right there on the hip and right where the hand falls….it feels so natural to hug a little one right there.  I love capturing that.  Kerri, I hope you like these and thanks for making the trip up to capture my (2 year old) little man!