It seems like just yesterday I posted Jack’s newborn photos…(yes, I’m a slacker, it WAS yesterday)…and here he is, already 10 weeks old!!  I haven’t had nearly enough snuggle time with him lately and when the crew came over this morning for a little craft get together, I stripped him down and took off to photograph him.  Heaven.  A big chubby bubba ball of heaven.


I have to say it.  I love his moobs.  I do.  They crack me up.  Teagan had moobs, he still does, and they make me laugh.  Chub-o.



He did great when I was in front of him, but a few minutes after I stood over him and he got a good look at my 24-70 mm staring back at him close range from above, he wasn’t such a fan of the camera anymore.  This one makes me laugh so hard, that lip is priceless.  Funny little man….



Right after this I scooped him up and snuggled him.  He immediately smiled at me and started baby talking, we were friends again LOL!







It’s tough work being this cute.  It wasn’t long after we returned to the crafting toddlers and his mommy that he totally crashed on the couch…O.U.T.


Man I miss the days of leaving Teagan on the couch and having his stay there!!  When he woke up he talked and babbled and smiled and told me all kinds of great stories, just full of smiles and coo’s.  I love having a baby in our house.  After last week, I was a little worried he wasn’t a fan of the camera (or me!), but today, I got him 🙂