When I started blogging, it was about my family.  Documenting a photo a day, just the ins and outs of our little family of (then) 4.  Eventually, Giggles – n – Grins was born and I started throwing in blog posts about the sessions I did with clients.  I chronicled our days after Katrina, rebuilding and eventually, moving to Austin and opening Life in Motion.  Somewhere in the middle, right after we announced we were moving to Austin, I got an email from a blog reader, they were moving to Austin soon too.  We emailed back and forth a lot, about selling houses, stuff to do in Austin, house hunting, moving companies, utilities, you name it.  I am, so, so thankful that we both ended up in the same neighborhood, just a few blocks away.  This blog has given me so many things, documentation of our lives for our children, a lot of laughs, memories that will now always be here (can you imagine reading your moms daily thoughts on life from when you were a baby?!….I am so thankful my children will have that), a huge hand in a thriving photography business and a place to just come and get it all out when I need to,  Yet none of those things compare to the friendship that has resulted with Mike & Alli.  They are like us, priorities, values, they are the friend we don’t have to clean my house for before they stop by (or my car – ha!).  She and Mike love our kids, and we love theirs.  It’s nice to have people who you know support you and lift you up when you need it.  An extended family to celebrate birthdays, holidays, friday night pizza & video games and family vacations with.  And the husbands, well, they get along great, our families just clicked.  Our girls, oh those blond hair, blue eyed, little divas.  I will admit that I am super thankful to have someone to be in this whole having a daughter thing with…..someone to call and when I just want to scream ACK SHE’S DRIVING ME CRAZY.  And Alli gets it.  Taryn & Lily, those two are quite the pair.  Our boys, their journey is just starting.  I can’t help but think about all the rough and tumble, older sister torturing days to come.

So when you are a photographer and one of your dearest friends has a baby, you pretty much show up with camera in hand to the level of obnoxious.  😉  I’ve been meaning to come post these forever. Ok, not really, only about 2 months…..but they are long overdue. I’m sure I have shared a few of them here and there, but I’m too lazy to go back and see what was posted so I’ll just put them all in this post too.  Here are just a few of the images we captured in Jack’s early days…..






smiley little man….


sleepy too….







this series absolutely melts my heart…..in those early days, every time Lily would see me she would say “Miss Winzee, isn’t my baby cute?  Come look at him!  He’s sooooo cute”  Love that girl.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this family shot, sooooo Lily!





These have been gracing the walls of their home for over a month already….I need to get over there and take a few photos of the wall displays we put together too!  They went BIG!

We also finished up his birth announcements last week.  I absolutely adore them.  Trifolds are so divine.  And hey clients, did you know that if you do a newborn session with me that you have a large selection of announcements to choose from?  If you don’t see something you like, I offer free design service.  For a complete announcement price list including press printed 5×7 flat, folded and 5×5 trifolds, just drop me an email!  Please excuse the lousy product photography…





And now that I’m all caught up on Jack, when they come over to do crafts in the morning, while the other kids are covered in glue and pom-poms and googlie eyes, I can sneak him away and photograph all his fabulous CHUB and ROLLS and SMILES.  Then when I come back to post them, you’ll be all….”man, just yesterday he was tiny”….LOL