One of the best things I’ve done for my business and ultimately, for my clients, is have them complete a client survey.  I’m sure some of the questions seem pretty silly and “out there” but each one serves a purpose.  The answers allow me a little pre-glimpse in to a family, their dynamic, what makes them tic, what they love about each other.  Because my job is to ultimately capture what they love about each other and all the special little details that makes their family unique.  I’ve photographed this family several times, including two births and while I feel like I know and *get* them, this momma did a SPECTACULAR job filling out their client survey.  Her attention to detail about what she sees in her family helped me capture so many little details that might have otherwise been lost during our time together.  I saw them as I was shooting and the end result has all these little details of love.  From the first shot, to the last, I got to see them through their momma’s eyes.  THIS is why I love in home family sessions, the details, the space where a family lives and loves….it’s beautiful.