before I’m back.

I won’t be answering emails, inquiries or posting on the blog this week.  This has been a complete nightmare.

I never imagined it would turn in to this.  Our house is disgusting right now.  We had to call in some professionals for cleaning up after “disasters” to help get the skunk smell out.  This included cleaning our air conditioning system, cleaning all the duct work and we had to vacate the house for 5 hours yesterday for an air treatment.  A huge tank sucked all the oxygen out of the air in the house.  Granted, it put off an odor, so now we have odd odor on top of skunk.  I’d like to say it worked, but I’m not sure.  Because that process was so expensive, we opted to do steam cleaning ourselves, including all the furniture, the floors, rugs curtains.

The smell permiated EVERYWHERE.  In to EVERYTHING.  Every item of clothing, every towel, every blanket, has to be soaked and washed in soap and vinegar.  Every toy, every dish, every single freaking thing has to be sanitized.   Every surface wiped with disinfectant.  Every cabinet must be cleared, cleaned and reloaded.  Every drawer in every room cleaned out.  This is a nightmare.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just broken down and cried today.  This is awful.

Thank God for Mike and Alli.  They allowed the stinky Stradtners to invade their home for the last 2 days.  Mike came over and pressure washed our back porch and fence when the attack occurred.  Having 5 extra (stinky) people in your home is chaotic, yet they welcomed us with a smile.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for their friendship.  Mike and Jason spent today moving every piece of furniture we own and shampooing all the carpets and furniture.  I’m totally sure that this is not how they intended on spending their holiday weekend.  They even gave our kids clothes to sleep in.  Alli and Mike, we just can’t thank you enough, I don’t know what we would have done without you!

We’re home now with lots of fans and living in the stink for the moment.  It’s better, but not gone.  Total nightmare.   I do have a maid service coming to help me disinfect this week, but it’ll be awhile before I can fully function again.  Especially since Taryn starts school this week, Teagan goes in for his shots tomorrow and well, we’re living a nightmare.

Clients, family and friends, I’ll catch up with everyone next week, so sorry!

ps  our family dealing with Gustav is doing good, thank God!!!!