Fall is here.  Austin has been a devine place to live this week with blue skies, crisp cool air, packed parks filled with kids and moms not sweating from the heat, and blessed long naps from said kids being tired from all the fresh air.  We are all opening our doors and windows and peeking out to take big deep breaths in.  There are actual people who live in all these houses with the AC running 24 /7.  We can now do more than run from the front door to the car door without melting into a puddle!  And I love it.  Fall is my favorite season.  I used to love spring.  But spring in central Texas makes me bitter and cranky because it is just summer looming with crazy hot temps of 100+ for days on end.  But fall….beautiful colors, crisp air, gorgeous sunrise mornings, october moons, rich beautiful light, pumpkin spice lattes and a steady stream of happy people ready to show me their love during busy season.  And boy, oh boy, is busy season here, 7 sessions in 8 days!  Get ready for a busy blog plus lots of catching up on older sessions from the summer, a few more sneak peeks and just lots of other stuff!

And sweet little Noah up there, 9 months old already, can you even believe it?!?!