Man oh man, marveling over the miracle of life and birth, just after a baby arrives, it gets me every time I see it.  So beautiful.

He arrived on his due date and he gave his momma her wish:  he weighed under 10 lbs. (just a teeny, tiny, smidge under 10 lbs. but it still counts).  His birth order will bring him great joy and laughter as he has 3 fun, energetic, filled with personality, siblings ready to fill him with love.   Little J, you are one lucky little man to land in this family, you’re gonna have a blast!  Congrats W Family, it was an honor to photograph the journey and arrival of your sweet baby boy.

((I had to include one of their doula, Shelley Scotka, above.  She was absolutely phenominal and is truly talented at what she does.  She has an amazing relationship with this family as she’s been there for the birth of all 4 of their children over the last 13 years.  So, so special.))