The cure for baby fever.  The perfect birth control.  Photographing my own family.  We had plans while my mom was in town to head out for a family session and then go out to dinner.  We talked to the kids about being cooperative and being well behaved.  Unfortunately, the PCS was at an all time high and the Mother’s Day gift of cooperation soon turned to the gift of frustration.  I can honestly say that I was on the verge of tears…..why are my kids so tough?  Why is it easier to photograph clients?  I’ve totally ruined them with daily “quick” and “one or two here and there” exposure to the camera.  Don’t they understand that it would be easier to just have fun and cooperate for 5 minutes instead of sending their mother into a frenzy for almost an hour?  Why can I have so much fun photographing other peoples families and dread it with my own? why does ty squint on purpose?  Why does taryn constantly say “I’m not doing that“.  And Teagan was fast, really fast.

i know there are other photographer mommas out there going “uh-huh, i feel ya girl, i’ve been there”.  Next time, I will hire someone!  In the end, it was worth it.  My poor mom, she had no idea how bad it (PCS) was going to be.  She was shocked we got these out of the hour of terror….

this is the look I get when I hold the binky next to my lens.  lesson, don’t mess with the binky mom.

Have I mentioned Ty has his first girlfriend?  I don’t want to talk about it.

ahhhh, the perfect place to caup-a-squat and ignore my mommy and that big black box of torture attached to her face.

i love this series, so her.

ty caught this one

two of my favorite goobers in the whole world.  he’s alllllmost as tall as she is, but not quite.

and my mom did awesome capturing a few of jase and i

two of my boys

i love love love love these!  I’m so thankful for my mom.  She is creative and fun and very thoughtful, all things I’d hope to be too.  She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and a great shoulder when I need one.  But most of all, she’s a great Gee Gee.

and I know I already posted this, but it makes me laugh so much.  I love him.  Really love him.  And this makes me smile….and laugh.  This one image alone is worth all the frustration.

I’ll leave you with this….before you say pfffffttttt and think my kids were cooperative, for each of those above, I had at least 100 of these….no kidding!

Anyone wonna photograph them for family pics at Christmas?  Lord knows I need some recovery time before I do this again!  I am not a total glutton for punishment!