ocean homeschool preschool

This week was all about fish and oceans.  We did a lot of art projects, personal water bottle aquariums, paper bag jelly fish and the Austin Aquarium with homeschool friends.  About 30 seconds after we walked in the aquarium Taryn puts her hand in the water (allowed and encouraged), a blowfish bites her finger! She pulls her hand out,the fish didn’t let go and comes flying out of the water and hits the ground. Taryn is crying hysterically because her finger hurts and it scared her, the fish is flopping all around on the floor, crazy! A worker walks over, scoops up the fish and plops it back in the water and walks off, didn’t even ask if T was ok. Very bizarre. She shook it off and had a great time with friends otherwise. Especially in the bird exhibit when the birds landed on her. I’d have freaked out because birds are my own personal version of hell, but she loved that part.


Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse 1 Corinthians 15:33
Character Table Manners
Letter of the Week Ff
Number of the Week 6
Shape Square
Color Blue
Theme / Science Fish / Oceans
Physical Education Pretend Swimming
Health / Food Vit K / Blueberry
Sensory Ocean Bottles
Art Paper bowl crab
Music Animals in the Ocean
Story Time Down by Sea Mr. Magee
Play / Game Jonah, Go Fish
Field Trip Aquarium
Additional Resources:
Paper bag jellyfish
Ocean Themed Crafts
F is Fun Song
Square Song
Number 6 Song
Sky is Blue Song
Let’s Go Fishing Game
MD Magnet Fishing Game
Coral Reef Toob
Ocean Do A Dot Printables