It occurred to me today that we hadn’t yet shared the name we’ve chosen for our baby boy.  We made a decision quite some time ago, I’m not sure why I haven’t shared yet.  Jonah Reid.  We love it.  We love him.  And we can’t wait to meet him.

This pregnancy has flown by.  It’s hard to believe we are sitting at 35+ weeks right now.  Out of all the kids, this pregnancy has, by far, been the easiest.  No sickness, less pain, just….easier.  Of course I’m to the point now where I am over the duration of this Texas heat, beyond uncomfortable and just ready to be done sharing my body.  There are times at night I just sit and cry because I’m so uncomfortable.  And then there are times I soak in each second, knowing this is the last time I’ll ever feel a little one moving around from the inside.  This IS our last baby!  For real!  I mean it this time!!  I’m a little sad to be closing the chapter of having babies, but I appreciate this pregnancy so much.  It took us so much to get to this point.  I know we are blessed.

35 weeks and we still have so much to do.  I’m trying very hard to prepare our home and our lives for an early arrival, but my mind and body to go the full 40 weeks.  Ty arrived healthy and ready at 36 weeks, Taryn and Teagan were born at 37 weeks.  So I feel like we need to be prepared just in case.  I’m still working through this weekend plus I have a TON of editing that needs to be done and a lot of work for that is calling my name.  I’ve also had some amazing opportunities come my way in the last few weeks.  Why does opportunity knock when things are crazy?!  A few I’ve embraced and a few I’ve had to pass on, even as hard as that is.  Anyway, I’d love to make it until at least 38 weeks plus so I can have some breathing room for work before baby.  I’ve been spending my days working my way through our long to do list to get ready for him, getting the nursery ready, stashing away extra meals in the freezer, prepping cloth diapers, preparing our home for our planned home birth and washing tiny little baby clothes.  Taryn and Teagan each made their baby brother a blanket this week.  Taryn took her task very seriously.  Teagan, my die hard blankie boy, needed to test them out to be sure they were good enough.

It’s hard to believe in just a few short days/weeks there will be a tiny little baby in our house again.  I absolutely cannot wait to welcome Jonah to our family.