Our house is constantly morphing.  We need and require so many things out of it.  It’s a constant struggle to find the space and make it work well.  Add in a new baby, a 7 year old who needed her own space and room, running three businesses out of it, a husband who works from home one day a week AND homeschooling….our house has a lot of requirements for it to function well with 5, almost 6, people.

A few months ago we decided I’d give up my dedicated office to give Taryn her own room.  She and Teagan have shared for a few years and it has been great.  But when both kids started homeschooling, that was suddenly a LOT of together time.  She needed a place just for her to escape and be by herself every now and then.  The timing was good too because that meant we could put the new baby in with Teagan.  So that is what we did, we moved my office out in to the living area which meant we needed more space.  We combined my office and the kids classroom / playroom by moving it to the dining room and moved the dining room to the old classroom.  I wanted to love it.  Jase wanted to love it.  It made sense space wise.  But after a few months, we all confessed we hated it.  It wasn’t working well.  At all.  Not for school, or work or as a playroom.  So we spent last weekend re-morphing our house AGAIN.  We reconfigured everything trying to use what we had.  Moved my office and the kids classroom / playroom back to the original spot but in a different arrangement so that they could continue to have 2 different desks instead of a shared desk.  Dining room back to the dining room and we swapped out the entertainment center in the living room and ended up with another cabinet and having to move things around in the master bedroom.  Crazy.  But it works.  We love it.  We feel like we can all breathe easier again.  Funny how just a few things moved around and it relieves so much stress and chaos in the house.  It feels like our house again.

I’m pretty sure with moving everything Jase didn’t even sit down once that entire day.  By dinner he was exhausted.  Then this happened:

Me:  Thanks for all your hard work today, I really like the new setup in here.
Jase:  Yeah, me too.  I’m exhausted though.  My back hurts and maybe you could give me a foot rub tonight….
Teagan:  Daaaaaaaaad?!  Seriously?!  Mom is growing you a baby!!!!

HA!  Gotta love my sweet boy looking out for me.  He totally thought I deserved the foot rub!