My little guy.  He is in to everything.  I love having a little boy in the house again.  He’s tuning in to that destructive side that boys have.  I came, I conquered, I moved on, And conquered something else.  I love watching him figure out how things work.  I love watching him move anything and everything.  He’s a magnet to anything with wheels.  Boys are just so fundamentally different than girls.  Suffice it to say that he has mastered the action of “out”.  “In”….not so much.  Exhibit A…..we were hanging in Taryn’s room yesterday and he set his attention on the bookcase, the perfect victim……

Take that you silly books!

This is what you get for just sitting around….you can’t hang with me!  hahaha….all the books are on the floor, I’m so funny!

hmmmmm….now how am i supposed to get out of here exactly?

oh yeah, THIS is what I was looking for…

doesn’t it just figure that it was in the very back….

mom, seriously, do you have to take my picture right now, can’t you see I’m very busy here?

ahhh, I worked so hard, now I’ll just kick back and relax….

and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

my mom should really clean this place up, it’s such a mess!

ps – I love the way he climbs up and sits in the chair….such a big boy.