Cause I kind of missed 10 on Tuesday this week.

Went out scouting today and I found so many cool places.  I freaking love living in Austin!!

Someone, anyone, please, please, tell Ty April Fools Day is over.

If you ventured over here from Jodie’s blog, welcome.  Thanks for the shout out Jodie!  Totally dig the unplugged ideas.

I got a little love on Sara’s blog this week too.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, go, the most adorable family, she’s very real and oh man what I wouldn’t give to point my camera at her little red headed cutie Jayson….sigh…he’s so dreamy.  Thanks for the love Sara!

And thanks to everyone for the well wishes, support and emails about Teagan, we appreciate your prayers!!  He had an appointment with the specialist today that went well, we got the news we expected, and he will go in for more tests before his surgery in a few weeks.