Ahhhh, one of my favorite families up on the blog.  While posting this, I can’t help but have a huge smile on my face.  Ah-mazing parents, wonderfully pleasant and happy children, full of a genuinely happy energy with a side of fun chaos!  I had to include a few of their family photo outtakes, because they truly due embrace the chaos of having 3 little ones with smiles.  There are some sessions where I have to work a bit and direct, and then there are others where I just sit back and capture it all as it happens around me, this was definitely that session.  I love it!  When we were done and walking back to our cars, Jennifer looked at me and smiled and said “I’m so happy…”  I can see it in their photos, that sentiment is alive, palpable.  Thank you K Family for allowing me to capture your beautiful family, I just adore you guys!