How true is that?!  This thing called motherhood is such a wild, crazy, slow on the rough days, yet super fast, ride!  The reality is that it does go by so fast.  I want to encourage you to stop, pause, slow down, just for a bit, and capture it this coming Mother’s Day.  One day our babies are, well, babies, and then suddenly they aren’t.  There are days I look up at my almost 15 year old and think “how did that happen?”  I wish I could get him back at 3 or 4, just for a day, to capture us, how fun he was, how much I loved being a momma to that sweet, sweet toddler.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom to a teenager (no, really, I do)….but it’s just….different.

So no matter who you are, no matter what kind of camera you have, if you do it yourself or hire a professional, no matter how much you hate your hair, weight, skin, (insert random thing we moms are critical of here) or being in front of the camera, do it for yourself, do it for your kids, they will only see the mom they love.  They will thank you some day.  And you will have paused time, just for a bit, and your momma heart will need that some day when they are grown.  I promise, it will.

I’ve been lucky enough to capture some wonderful moms over the years.  Moms loving on their babies, big and small.  Moms who put their own insecurities and apprehension with the camera to the side, for themselves and their children.  I’m so thankful they did.  I speak from experience here too, I’m pretty bad about getting in front of the camera, I’m always behind it.  But hands down, my favorite photo from last year is the photo of Taryn and I at the bottom.  We look so happy.  We snuggle like this all the time, she curls up in my lap even though she barely fits with her long legs.  Some day, she really won’t fit anymore, but when that day comes, I’ll still have this photo.  It will always make me smile, I’m so thankful I have it.

This year, in an effort to get more moms in front of the camera and captured with their little ones, I’m offering a special round of Mother’s Day Mini Sessions!

When:  April 28th
Who:  Moms, kids & grandmothers if desired.
What:  Each 30 minute mini includes 5 full resolution images with the rights to print.  Sample prints included.  Gallery generally produces 12-15 images to choose from.
Price:  $350 plus tax.  These sessions are for moms, kids & grandmothers if desired.
Bonus:  8×10 mounted print of your favorite image.