it’s been a crazy week and I’m SOOOO glad Friday is here! who is with me??

thought I’d post a few snapshots from our week. it’s been a crazy one, our new schedule with Taryn being in school is kicking my butt. poor teagan can’t get any sleep with all the running back and forth.  i feel like i’m constantly sacrificing the needs of one child to meet the needs of another. sigh. anyway, on to the snapshots….

i’m not 100% sure, but I think I made eye contact with that elephant LOL!

solid feeding is so much fun.  as soon as his little tush hits the chair those little feet start going and don’t quit until his belly is full.

this one cracks me up, his little ET feet.  I found him like this after plopping him down in his crib for a few minutes…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ps – Project Hurricane Ike participants – I have so many amazing photographers who have offered up their services and talent – thank you – you guys rock!!  Knowing first hand that it takes awhile to catch your bearings after something like this, it may be awhile before people are of the mind set and ready to start replacing photos…so please bear with them, and me as I get organized for this project!  I’m sure many people will have new memories captured as a result of this, and I’m totally excited about it!  More coming in the next few days!