Oh sweet Allison, you steal my heart over and over again!  Almost 6 months old already?!  How did that happen?!

While I’m usually just gearing up for busy season, Ms. Allison is my last session before my maternity leave.  Our main goal last night was to get lots of happy smiles from Ms. Ali and that I make it through without my water breaking….how is that for a session goal LOL!?  I’ll admit it’s been a bit bittersweet for me.  I’m struggling with not working and turning people away.  I guess that is good news because it means I LOVE what I do.  I know it will be easier as I hold my sweet baby boy in my arms.  But it is still hard to hit the pause button.

I will return to shooting in November for a handful of clients that were already on my calendar, then back full time in December.  I am currently booking for December (I have 3 full signature session openings) and then January and throughout 2013.

I’m thinking about offering a maternity / newborn special to kick off my return from maternity leave.  Book a newborn session and get a free mini maternity?  Sound good to anyone?