Last night I was soooo tired from working on the house all day, I was ready to crash.  Seems like lately when I’m ready to go to bed at the same time as the kids, they just jump in bed with me and we all snuggle and fall asleep.  I secretly love it.  Taryn isn’t used to sleeping next to Ty, Ty means playtime, but for the first few nights she did good, didn’t bat an eye. 

Until last night. 

We’re laying there, lights out, all sweet and snuggly.  Then all of a sudden I hear "OW – Taryn!  Get your toe out of my eye!"  Of course Taryn then starts to giggle, which makes Ty giggle.  Then Ty asks her, "WHY is your TOE in my EAR!?!"  Her reply….

"Cause Ty has a big horsie head."


This started a fit of giggles for all of us.  I’m not sure how long their giggles lasted, I fell asleep.  Goofy kids.

This photo is kind of old but it reminds me of just how much fun they have together…I wish I could remember what she said to him to make him laugh so hard, must have been something good!  =)