Aug 02, 2007
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Are you guys sick of me talking about house stuff yet??  I’m sure the answer is yes!  We are so tired of being consumed by it too.  We’ve been working non-stop to get the house ready to show.  So many little details that sneak up on you, like the sudden necessity to iron 22 sheers for the house.  We’re at the point where the last bit of mess tends to rotate from room to room.  Our long list of things to do is down to one page at least!  I can’t wait until it’s 100% done, all this work and morning sickness just don’t mix.

Here is what we are calling the "Mock Nursery".  We decided to clean this room out completely.  It used to be an office with a wrap around desk Jason built before the storm.  After the storm, it turned into a photography storage room (you literally couldn’t even walk into it though).  We packed up all the photography stuff and put it onto shelves in bins in the garage.  We decided to show this room as a 4th bedroom to sell the house, and instead of buying new furniture, we just put little T’s crib in there with a simple white dresser.  It feels weird to set up a nursery already, but this is all we will do to it until either the house sells or we take the house off the market to have the baby, whichever comes first.  The room is pretty small, so having only two pieces of furniture makes it look a bit bigger.  I am REALLY hoping we don’t have to use this room as the nursery for #3, I hope the house sells before then…


Our bedroom is just about done too.  I love our Loop bedroom set from Crate & Barrell.


Notice the Annie Leibowitz book =)


Our den.  This is part of the addition a previous owner put on.  It’s a large room, with the dining room on the other side of it.  We love the space and light it adds to the house.  The french doors lead out to the back yard.  There is a small built in desk area on the other side of the entertainment center.


Far wall in the dining room.  Jason built the wine racks and it’s one of the few things that we salvaged after the storm.


We love our new kitchen, it’s huge and functional.  Not a great pic, but you can see our new subway tile backsplash.  Big thanks to Chris and Lilah for sending us your amazing tile guy!  We still need a cornice to cover the light above the sink and some dishes to go in the plate dividers, but you get the idea =)


More kitchen pics once I manage to get the rest of the counters cleared off.  Thanks for stopping in!  =)

  • So much natural light. Are you sure you want to leave? 😉

    The house looks amazing though. I bet it sells fast.

  • I laugh that you think your mock nursery is small!! You should see Soph’s shoe box! You guys have done an AMAZING job…does a part of you hate to see it go?

  • Oh dear – your house is amazing. It should 100% sell before baby #3 arrives. It’s perfect! I’m in love with the color in your bedroom. All your hard work paid off!! Great job!

  • It all looks great! I love the wall colors. It looks like you guys are big fans of blue, too. My husband and I seem to want to paint every room in our house blue. It’s like we forget that there are other colors out there! :o)

  • I love seeing the house pictures! You’ve done an awesome job! It looks like a Pottery Barn house. I bet it will sell in no time! I’m glad things are looking up for you!

  • Your house is amazing… it’s really looking great! I can remember when I first saw your posts on the Nest with the pictures of the house right after the storm. I felt sick to my stomach viewing them. I’m so happy for you and your family that you really have full circle. (BTW, I totally recognize the wine holders!!) I wish you guys nothing but the absolute best that life has to offer!

  • The house looks great! Y’all are amazing. Lyndsay, you may need to come to my house and give me decorating advice!

  • I love your kitchen! We have been considering a subway tile backsplash – Just wondering – did your ’tile guy’ supply these tiles, or did you buy them? I’m having the hardest time finding them in regular home improvement stores – I’m thinking I’ll probably have to see a specialty tile retailer?