All the pieces had to fall just right for this quick little session Tuesday night.  First and foremost, this momma had to fend off early labor and bedrest and get this baby to stay put just a bit longer.  She did it and I was still really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to catch a few maternity photos of her before their baby arrived.  Monday was her her goal and I hightailed it out there Tuesday evening about 3 seconds after Jason walked in the door from work.  And don’t you know it rained the entire way there, I got there, no rain, we got some great shots, I got in my car and not 1/2 a mile from their house and the sky opened up again, storming!  And we had to stretch out their evening routine until I could get out there and keep the kiddos happy (and happy they were!).  So yeah, while there was a lot working against us, we did it Jennifer, photos of you looking so beautiful and pregnant with #3, wahoo!!

Look at how much Josie has grown!  The photo of Tommy and his momma reminds me so much of this photo from his newborn session and it occurs to me that this is my first Austin family to come full circle.  I did their maternity and newborn photos when Tommy was born and now this new little one.  I love that I’ve actually been here long enough now to have that happen and I love that they asked me to come back!