There is a beast in our house and it has been here as long as I can remember.  And I want it out.  Or contained.  Or tamed.  Something has to change and I’m desperate for help.

It’s ugly.

It’s paper.  It drives me insane.  The mail, the papers from school, bills, magazines.  It was bad before we started our business but now it is downright out of control.  Bills from vendors, client contracts, maps to locations, quickbooks reports, receipts.  We are drowning.  At this moment we have no less than 10 stacks in our house worse than the one above.  Not including my desk, or the cabinet packed to the gills with paper we haven’t gone through in the garage, or the two messy filing cabinets in our bedroom closet, the stacks on the kitchen counter, a few tucked away here and there that never got attention when we had company over and I had to hide them.  Yes, our dirty little secret, we hide our stacks when people come over.  And then we leave them there.

I can’t tell you how much time I have lost looking for something.  A lot.  I have tried so many times to figure out a way to manage the paper that comes into our home.  I have.  Filing systems, boxes, containers, cabinets, cute little mail holders.  None of it works.  And it is no wonder.  I averaged it out a few weeks ago and approximately 40-50 paper items enter our house each weekday.  That is insane.  I need a secretary.  Or a wife 😉

Someone please help me!  If you have a system that works, how do you do it?  If you have a command center in your house, how is it set up?  If you have control of your paper/mail/school forms/doctor stuff/business stuff/receipts, action items,  etc. etc. etc. please share your tips….cause I’m drowning.