While my Mom was here for Mother’s Day she had the idea to take a girls day and go get pedicures.  We took Taryn along and it was not her first time having her nails painted (her daddy is normally in charge of that) but it was her first time going to a ‘salon’.  And by ‘salon’ I mean the place tucked into the parking lot of HEB lol.  Little T was all over it, so excited to leave the boys behind.  Until we got to the door, she stopped and I could see her nose squish up from the smell.  We got her in the door though and her first job was to pick out polish.  Soooooo many choices.  It was fun to see her soak it all in.  Next, the big chairs, she wasn’t too sure about them at first….

So many questions.  Why is there water in this chair?  What is the tub for?  Your feet?!?!?  Why is the water blue?  What are they doing?  What does this thing do?????

ha….right after this she totally flipped out.  The massage chair started moving out towards her and she thought it was going to get her.  I did try not to laugh while reassuring her, really, I did.  She calmed down and decided to sit in the chair once the remote was tucked away.  She insisted on having pink for her toes and red for her fingers.

At one point the two ladies working were speaking in their native language (Vietmanese maybe?  not sure) and Taryn got very focused, stared at them talking back and forth and then hollers out an exasperated, confused and loud……”WHAT?!?!”  hahahaha!

When it was time to go to the driers she sat across from me, this was my view.  She kept peeking up but her hands never left the drier.  Love it, she’s so little even though my girl gets bigger every single day.

Thanks for the pampering Mom, it was fun to watch Taryn figure it all out and soak it all in, with an added bonus of pretty piggies =)