I’m going to give the concept of “catching up” the old college try.  These photos have long been delivered but still sitting in my “need to blog” pile.  Since the kiddos are about to leave for college, I thought I’d go ahead and post them…..KIDDING!  It’s not quite that bad, I think these were actually taken in early May…

I love this series, she is so cute!  I know I’ve mentioned this before Michelle and I were in the same hospital just a few rooms away having this little beauty and Teagan just a day or so apart.  We’d never met at that point and I still remember seeing Russ in the hallway of the hospital.  Small world right?!

I love this one.  Classic.

The rest of this post shall be titled:  Daddy Is Hilarious!

Faves, I absolutely love it!!!

Michelle & Russ, I hope these are up on your walls by now ;).  Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family, it is always an honor!