Now is the time to book if you are thinking about photos between now and the end of 2011.  I took a look at my calendar this morning and I have only 1 spot open in both October and November!  Turning people away always makes my heart sink, so please don’t wait, if you think you’ll want holiday photos, book soon!  The rest of my year looks something like this:

June:  2 sessions open / 1 birth if due mid to late June
July:  1 session open / 1 birth
August:  4 sessions open
September:  3 sessions open (perfect for holiday photos!)
October:  1 session open / 1 birth
November:  1 session open / 1 birth
December:  2 sessions open (photos not delivered before the holidays) / 1 birth if due early in the month

This includes open spots for mini sessions – I will not be adding any additional spots this year, mostly because I hope to be able to remember what my children look like come December of this year.  In years past I’ve taken on 5-6 full sessions per month plus mini sessions.  This year, I won’t be doing that, I’m taking on a set number of sessions whether they be full sessions or mini session.  Also, new mini sessions booked from this point out will be held on Saturdays rather than during the week.

If you’d like information on session fees and packages, please drop me an email at

And since I can’t post without a photo, I’ll share one of my most favorite outtakes so far this year.  This little guy is so cute.  While his new baby sister was taking a break to fill her belly I tried to teach him how to wink.  Total crack up.  It didn’t work out that well so I showed him a way to improvise!  See, I’m not just a photographer, I can teach your kids tricks too!  Wink 😉