Seniors, if you book your session within the next 7 days to occur anytime in 2011 you will get a set of 50 wallets for FREE.  Girls, you will also get a FREE hair and makeup session with Katie of Modern Muse Makeup Artistry.  That’s right, I cover the costs of your hair and make up! If you are a 2012 senior this is the time to book!

Also, I am presently looking for ONE super outgoing, friendly, fun, senior rep for Rouse High School in Leander!  If you will be a senior in the fall or know someone who will, drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you all the details and the rep application.  There are all kinds of fun perks for being a 2011 Life in Motion Photography senior rep including a free session, rep cards, great discounts on products and more!

ps – That guy up there has been a great rep this year.  I’m so excited for him that graduation is just a few days away and he has an amazingly bright future ahead of him.  He’s already landed a spot on the Texas State cheer squad.  Congrats Jason!!