Little miss audrey had her official newborn session this morning and goodness was I in heaven.  She was very attentive to my camera even just moments after birth so I had high hopes for our session this morning.  She didn’t disappoint, miss audrey was workin’ it for the camera (notice the arm up by her ear striking a pose)…I think she gets it from her beautiful mommy.

love love love these curlie toes….

I absolutely love photographing newborns outside, it just feels so natural and they are almost always at ease and go straight to sleep in the fresh air.  Probably helps that outside in Austin right now = a sauna.

Miller family, I hope you like your sneak peek, we got a lot of great shots today!  I know I will be amazed the next time I see you guys at 3 months at how much she’s changed!  Enjoy every second =)