What is that they say?  There are 6 degrees of separation?  Let’s see if I can get this right.

Not long after I opened up for business here in Austin my client “J” found me via google and hired me to photograph their newborn daughter.  Some time later, another future client “S” also found me via google and hired me to photograph the birth of her 3rd child, also a girl.  6 or so months later, J asks me to work on a fundraiser with them to benefit a family whose little boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  As J started to tell me about sweet little Timmy I just couldn’t say no and dove in.  We did several sessions with Timmy and his family, including one at their home.  It turns out that their good friends and neighbors are related to my other client, “S”!  Small world, right?!  To make it even more awesome, when I put a session up for auction last year at the fundraiser, the neighbors/friends bought it!  Pretty cool right?  I guess the crazy part is that I don’t really get that many of my clients through google.  A few, but not the majority.  I just don’t pay that much attention to google ranking (I know I should, please don’t yell at me….)and really have no clue where I even fall so the fact that people find me that way always surprises me a little and makes me smile.  I think this sweet family was destined to find me one way or the other 😉  And I loved getting to photograph their newest edition, baby #4….

Congrats you guys, it has been great to get to know you!  I hope you love your photos and thank you again for your donation to help Cure Duchenne!