I’m soooooo far behind in blogging and it drives me crazy.  I’ve only posted about half of my fall sessions from 2010.  I feel like I can’t pop in and blog the every day personal stuff until I actually catch up on posting business stuff from last fall.  Yeah, it is March.  These poor sessions are 3-6 months old already and never shared or showed any blog lovin.  In an effort to catch up before spring, bluebonnets and a crazy busy month hits me, I’m going to post a fall roundup blog marathon post.  I’m sorry each one isn’t getting their own super special post but if I do it this way, they will actually be seen.  I had some amazing sessions and awesome families come through last fall, a few new and fun families and lots of return clients and old friends.  I really want to share the last half of my fall with you!  So….with that in mind….here we go!

First up, one of my fave families of all time, Timmy and his family!  The funny part is that I’ve actually photographed them again since these were taken!  Michele and I photographed them alongside Mack Brown for Champions to Cure Duchenne last month.  Man, I love this family.  Just being in the room with them makes me smile.  They are awesome all the way around.  Did you see Tim running the Austin Marathon in his green cape?!  I’m so glad we took these, I love Timmy’s toothless grin.

I also got to catch up with sweet little Miss A.  Her birth images are still some of my favorites and she’d grown so much!  I remember that this day was freeeezing and she was such a little trooper out in the cold!

And another baby I got to photograph coming in to this world…Daisy.  Who happens to be the daughter of a really awesome doula here in Austin.  Seriously, if you are pregnant, click on the link, she is amazing!

And one of my sweet little baby planners….I was also at his birth….I’m sensing a pattern here….

Ok, I wasn’t at the birth of this little dude, but I have photographed him several times (and loved every single busy moment of it!)…He wins the award for best evil laugh EVER.

And speaking of busy little fabulous boys, another one of my little favorite guys….

And this sweet family won a mini session here on the blog.  How cute are they?

My senior rep, Tyler, from Leander High School…

Sweet Miss Lyla…aka, the highchair baby!  Her momma made me smile last week by sending me a text with a photo of Lyla in the high chair just chillin.  My clients rock.  Thank you K!

This sweet family grabbed a rare last minute mini session that came open just in time for the holidays.  I’m so glad I did, this little guy stole my heart and his parents are just so sweet and kind.  I love the photos we got this day, some of my faves for sure….

And last but not least, and many of my clients will recognize her, the award winning makeup artist, Katie of Modern Muse Makeup Artistry and her family.  She swore she was the last person in Austin to get in front of my camera, thankfully that isn’t true 😉  It was so great to finally work with you in this capacity Katie!  Thanks for always taking such wonderful care of my clients!!

Woooo-we.  Talk about a blog marathon post….on one hand I feel bad that this is only a drop in the bucket of what was captured, printed and loved, but at least now I can say I’m caught up to at least January 2011!  Thanks to all my awesome 2010 clients for making it such a great year filled with love, laughter and real moments!