I seem to be behind on everything this week.  I’ve been an editing machine and working into the wee hours of the morning.  But I had to pause and pull a few from this morning.  My girl started her very first dance class today.  She brought her new teacher a flower and a picture she drew.  And her dance teacher loved them both.  And Taryn loved the class.  I took a few photos of her on the way out, but then left the camera behind in an effort to take the pressure off.  She adored getting dressed, prancing around and watching herself dance in the mirror.  As always, slow to warm, I got quite a few funny facial expressions (as expected) through the waiting area window.  Quite entertaining for myself and the other moms too.  She felt grown up to me today.  She looked tall and lean and girlish, not a single trace of the baby I once held in my arms.