Here is what they had to say. I personally love it, but I think I’m impartial πŸ™‚ I think it’s funny they spelled my name right once and wrong once. Eh, with a name like Lyndsay Pfenning Stradtner, it’s pretty much a given, I’m used to it. Even my own mother gets it wrong on occasion and she named me LOL!

Best Kids Photographer: Lyndsay Stradtner
After losing her home and family photos in Hurricane Katrina, Lindsay Stradtner was driven to capture new memories. Since moving to Austin, Stradtner has been rebuilding her life with her husband and three children – whom she documents beautifully and honestly in her blog – while at the same time building an impressive portfolio as a child photographer. Stradtner has a knack for making photo shoots fun for little ones – and for amazing their parents when they see the results.

And let’s just hope and pray they don’t post my photo anywhere. When we walked through the door they had a photographer there and you had to stand there with your award certificate and smile in a mug shot stance. Only my husband was making fun of me because I hunched over and was sporting ugly picture face. It was bad. I’m positive their caption would be “best photographer, worst photograph”. Let’s just pray they take mercy on me and that photo never rears it’s ugly little self in public.

Be sure to check in this weekend, I’m so excited about my sessions! First up, an awesome couple in downtown Austin first thing tomorrow and Sunday a maternity session with a super cute family! Lots of sneak peeks to come. Happy weekend everyone!