I always wonder what he dreams about.  Milk?  Playing with this brother and sister?  Chasing Kylie the dog?  I love it when he smiles and laughs in his sleep.  I was watching him do it the other day and it occurred to me that I don’t have very many sleeping photos of him now that he’s a bit older.  I have lots when he was tiny, cause it wouldn’t wake him up.  And, well, when you’re the mother of 3 (or 1 for that matter!), sleeping children are precious for your sanity…you don’t disturb it!  But yesterday I decided to risk it….I nursed him to sleep in our master bedroom, knowing full well I’d have to wake him up and move him because he tries to crawl off the bed.  I got a good 10 shots in before it woke him up.  Thankfully, he went right back to sleep once I put him in his bed.  I’m so glad I decided to risk it….

And speaking of sleeping boys….a little friday funny update to my 10 on Tuesday crazy Ty karate chopping post.  Late last night, Jase decides to go in and check on Ty to make sure his alarm is set.  We’ve been having trouble with getting up this week, so he wanted to double check.  Of course, as Jase reached over Ty’s headboard to push the alarm button to check, Ty bolts up, big eyed, ready to attack.  Jase hightailed it out of there assuming Ty went right back to sleep like he normally does.  A few minutes later as we’re getting ready for bed on the other side of the house, Teagan starts to fuss, so Jase goes to check on him and as he’s walking through the house thinks its odd that the lights are on.  He turns the corner and see’s Ty, fully dressed, and asks him what in the world he’s doing….”getting ready for school”….HA!  He thought his dad was coming in to wake him up and when Jase left the room, Ty got up and got ready to go.  1:30 am. Dressed, brushing his teeth, ready to go.  Classic.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  Ty didn’t think it was funny.  At all.  He got all huffy and mad and stomped back to his room to go back to bed.  We have a sneaking suspicion he didn’t put his pj’s back on before hitting the sack (again) but I was laughing at him too hard to go check!