First a photo by Ty and then a story about him…he took this with the 5D last week.

Ty came home from school on Monday and immediately let me know that the little girl responsible for the whole dog bite incident last year was in his class. Of course, this means we had to have him moved into another class. Both because Ty deserves to be in a peaceful and positive learning environment and because we are being forced into a a lawsuit with the family as they have refused to take responsibility with neither us nor the insurance company. It’s likely to get ugly and having the kids in the same class just isn’t a good idea. Especially considering that after the attack, she continued to taunt Tyler. Anyway, Ty’s school rocks and not only moved him right away with a smile, they let him choose his new teacher, cleaned out his old desk for him so he wouldn’t be bombarded with questions or embarrassed in front of his peers and just made the whole thing easy for him. Love that.

Monday night, he told my mom that there was a new girl on his bus that asked the bus driver to assign her to sit next to him. I heard that and I swear my insides immediately started to swell up. Then it comes out that she’s “feisty”. Then I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Feisty in a good way or feisty in a bad way? “Feisty good” says Ty with bright eyes. I’m not handling this well. At all. Turns out that she’s also in his new class too and sits right next to him.  I have had the urge to run every single girl off that comes knocking on our door, with the exception of sweet, sweet Kayleigh. But this new fiesty girl….she’s giving me gray hairs already. Jase, of course, thinks it’s funny. It’s not. He’s wrong. He says “Oh Ty, you’re 11, have fun” when I roll my eyes and scowl at the discussion of girls….what kind of crap advice is that?! Good advice would be “girls are no good, run far, far away son”….now there is some good parenting!

A note to my dear husband….one day soon your own feisty little blond hair, big blue eyed little girl is going to come home talking about a boy. You will feel your insides swell and your lungs push up against your chest like you can’t breath. And oh sweet husband, if you had hair, it would all go gray. Just know, it’s funny to you now, go ahead and laugh it up, but your day is coming buddy, much sooner than you think.